PCI-ARTIC-4T4R        RS232/422 2T-2R


BMC's PCI –ARTIC-4T4R provides new levels of performance and flexibility for ARINC 429/419/572/575/642/615/717… 2 wires protocols for PCI form factors.

Available in a range of configurations to match your needs, the intelligent PCI-ARTIC provide complete, integrated databus functionality for ARINC 429 and related avionics protocols. The PCI-ARTIC supports maximum data throughput on all channels while providing on-board message scheduling, label filtering, multiple buffering options, time-tagging,.

PCI-ARTIC-4T4R includes an API (Application Programming Interface) software that reduces application development time.


Standard features include 32 Kbyte of RAM, 32-bit message time-tagging, triggers, extensive structures. On-board Built-in-Test. The PCI-ARTIC- Bus Monitor provides 4000 BUFFERS with channel and 32 bit high resolution timetag  and unparalleled monitoring of fully loaded buses.

Multi-function Interfaces

PCI-ARTIC-4T4R multi-function interfaces are easily software programmable to supports maximum data throughput on all channels simultaneously, operates with 4 Receivers and 4 transmitters and Bus Monitor functionality.


BAUD RATE Interfaces

The PCI-ARTIC-429 interfaces have all the features and functionality to operate with any transmit/receive rate ranging from 100Hz to 1 Mega bit.



The ARTIC API is provided in source code, along with integrated support for Windows XP, 2000, Me, NT, 95, 98.





Up to independents 4Transmitters 4 Receivers Channels

Up to 2T2R RS232 Channels


Ì   Intelligent Controller

 The PCI-ARTIC interface has a RISC low power processor with full control of up to  4 ARINC transmit/receive channels as well as up to two RS232/422 channel on board.


Ì Test and Simulation Features

  • On-board Built-In-Test
  • Programmable transmit/Receive buffer size.
  • Adv. interrupts and triggers
  • 32K of Dual Port Memory
  • Support  all ARINC 2 wires protocols.
  • Commercial and Industrial Grade


Ì  Transmit Mode

  • Software Programmable  -:
    • Baud Rate – up to 1 Mbit
    • Parity Odd/Even/NO Parity
  • Loop Messaging Mode
  • Single-shot messaging mode
  • Programmable inter-message time delays
  • 4 independent transmitters


Ì Receive Mode

  • Software Programmable Interrupt Conditions
    • Single message
    • Half buffer message
    • Full Buffers messages
  • UP to 4000 ARINC messages buffer store.
  • Up to 4 independent Receivers
  • Baud Rate up to 1 Mbit.
  • Loop Test


Ì   Bus Monitor Mode

  • Software Programmable Interrupt Conditions
    • Single message
    • Half buffer message
    • Full Buffers messages
  • 32 Bit with time tag
  • Up to 4000 messages buffer

Intelligent PCI- ARINC Interface
 ARINC 429;419;572;575;542;615;..
PCI-ARTIC-4T4R RS232\422-2T2R





† 3/4 length desktop PCI card (4.4" x 4.2")



† Operating temperature range: 0°C to +70°C

† Available Extended Temperature -40°C to +85°C



† Up to 95%


Software Support

† API - Includes high-level API libraries for Windows  Source code API library provided


On-board Shared RAM

† 32 Kbyte (per dual-redundant channel)



† D-type connector


Operational Modes

†Transmit, Receive and/or BM,

† Single or up to 4 Rs and/or 4Ts


Baud Rate operational Modes

†Transmit\Receive up to 1 Mbit


Single Power

† +5 VDC: 0.5 A

+12 VDC  20 mA

-12 VDC  20 mA


PCI Signal Compatibility

† 5V Signaling


Warranty: 1 year limited hardware warranty




Product Description –ARINC & RS232


Transmission Mode

† “One shot” mode for simplified BC operation (Normal mode)

† “Loop” mode for simplified repeatable BC message operation

† Programmable transmit buffer size

† Modify messages, data or setup while card is running

† Selectable interrupt generation




Receive Mode

† 4 independent  Receivers.

† Programmable message content

† Programmable receive buffer size

† Up to 4000 message buffers

† Programmable Interrupts conditions

† Programmable labels selection


Bus Monitor

† Programmable receive buffer size

† Up to 4000 message buffers

† Extensive filtering options

† 32-bit, resolution time tagging

† Host software synchronization to external timing sources







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