PMC UADI- Universal Avionics Design Interface
Protocol Converter

2 x ARINC 573 / 717
1 x MIL-STD-1553 
 2 x ARINC 453 / 708
4x ARINC-429 575 572 582 615 75/571/572/581/582/615/562..
  2x RS 232



MIL-STD-1553 Dual Redundant Channels
Up to 2 ARINC 453 \ 708

Up to 4 ARINC 429 \ 575 \ 562 \..

Up to 2  RS232 Channels


Ì 1553-Test and Simulation Features

§  On-board Built-In-Test

§  Transformer & direct coupling

§  BC & RT error injection/detection

§  Support F-16, F-18, B-52, and A-10. 1553 Notice I & II


§  Commercial and Industrial Grade

Ì 1553-Bus Controller - BC

§  BC->RT, RT->BC, RT->RT

§  Mode Codes, Broadcast

§  Five different transmission modes: Single-shot, repeat,  loop , cycle and multiple messaging mode

§  Programmable inter-message gap

§  Response Gap measurement

§  Major/Minor frames

§  Software Programmable

§  Time-out response time

§  Enable/Disable Interrupt Conditions

§  Broadcast Enable/Disable (Notice I)

§  Aperiodic messaging methods

§  Built-in Transmit/Receive Test

Ì  1553-Remote Terminal - RT

§  Up to 60 Store message buffers

§  Programmable response time  A/B

§  Sub-Address programmable filter.

§  32-bit time-tagging

RS232 & ARINC 429\575\562\572\582...

Ì Test and Simulation Features

§  On-board Built-In-Test

§  Adv. interrupts and triggers

§  Support ARINC 2  wires protocol.

§  Up to  2 Independent

§  Baud Rate – up to 1 Mbit

§  RS232 – up to 125 KHz

Ì  Transmit Mode

§  Software Programmable  -:

§  Parity Odd/Even/NO Parity

§  Single-shot& Loop messaging mode

§  Programmable inter-message gap

Ì Receive Mode

§  Software Programmable Interrupt

§  Single/half/Full buffer message

§   Multiple store messages

Ì   Bus Monitor Mode

§  Software Programmable Interrupt

§  Single\Half\Full Buffers

§  32 Bit with time tag

§  Up to 400 messages buffer




†   †  4" x 3.8”


†  Low Power 16 bit RISC processor



† Operating temperature range: 0°C to +70°C

† Available Extended Temperature -40°C to +85°C



† Up to 95%


Software Support

†  Source code API library provided


1553 Connections

† Direct or transformer coupling


1553 Operational Modes

† BC, BM, single RT, concurrent BCRT, BCBM  & RTBM

 Power (1553- 50% duty cycle)

†  Stand-by Current less than 20 Ma

†  Arinc +12V & -12V – 50 Ma

†  5V – 1553 – 50% duty cycle <350mA

Warranty: programs up to 3 years hardware warranty

ARINC 573\717

Ì  Transmit /Receive Modes

§  Software Programmable  -:

§  Baud Rate – 64,128,256, 512

§  Error injection

§  Receive Double Buffer

§  Single/loop Messaging Mode

§  All software programmable

                                  TELF: 631-256-5903  X 30

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BMC's PMC-UADI  provides new levels of performance and flexibility for multiple avionics communications  system. Available in commercial and ruggedized versions, includes an API (Application Programming Interface) software library that reduces application development time.


Standard 1553 features 32-bit message time-tagging, triggers, extensive BC & RT link-list structures, error injection and detection, automatic/manual RT Status Bit, Mode Code responses, advanced BC functionality, on-board Built-in-Test Bus, transformer & direct coupling, hardwired RT address. With the highest speed encoder/decoder in the industr

Available in a range of configurations to match your needs, the intelligent PCI-UADI provide complete, integrated databus functionality for ARINCs and related avionics protocols. The PCI UADI supports maximum data throughput on all channels while providing on-board message scheduling, label filtering, multiple buffering options, time-tagging,.

ARINC 573/717

The PMC-UADI offers two transmit and two receive ARINC 717 channels. Each ARINC 717 channel is independently configurable through software for Harvard biphase operation.


Multi-function Interfaces

PCI-UADI  multi-function interfaces are easily software configured to operate with simultaneous 1553 Bus Controller, Remote Terminals and Bus Monitor functionality. The  RS232 and ARINC section supports maximum data throughput on all channels simultaneously, operates with  independent receivers (2) and transmitters (2).


Multi-function 1553

The PMC-UADI interfaces have all the features and functionality of the multi-function versions, but with only one operational mode enabled at a time. Each interface can emulate either a Bus Controller (BC), Remote Terminal (RT) or Bus Monitor (BM) and concurrent modes BCRT, BCBM and RTBM.


Multi-function ARINC and RS232

The CPCI-UADI us easily software programmable to supports maximum data throughput on all channels simultaneously, operates with independent receivers and transmitters.

Product Description –ARINC & RS232

Transmission Mode

† Up to 4 independent transmitters

† “One shot” mode for simplified BC operation (Normal mode)

† “Loop” mode for simplified repeatable BC message operation

† Programmable transmit buffer size

† Modify messages, data or setup while card is running

† Selectable interrupt generation

† Up to 4 independent  transmitters.


Receive Mode

† Up to 2 independent  Receivers.

† Programmable message content

† Programmable receive buffer size

† Programmable labels selection


Bus Monitor

† Extensive filtering options

† 32-bit, resolution time tagging


Bus Controller

† Programmable control of:

- Major and minor frame content and timing

- Inter-message gap times (cycle mode)

- Response time-out and late response

† Modify messages, data or setup while card is running

† Insert aperiodic messages into a running BC list

† “One shot” mode for simplified BC operation (Normal mode)

† “Loop” mode for simplified repeatable BC message operation

† Multiple sequencing messages based on

   real-time schedule

† Selectable interrupt generation

- Full range of system conditions

- External trigger

† Extensive error detection

† Extensive programmable error injection

† Multiple Store buffers with 32 bit timetag


Remote Terminal

† Programmable error injection

† Programmable message content (linked message buffers)

†  Programmable Sub-Address selection

†  Multiple Store buffers with 32 bit timetag


Bus Monitor

† Word status - Message status

† RT response time

† Interrupts can be selected by RT

† Extensive filtering and triggering options

- By individual RT/subaddress

- Transmit, receive or broadcast mode codes

- Internal or external triggering

- Trigger output on user specified data

† Up to 60 store buffers with 32 bit timetag

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