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BMC COMMUNICATIONS CORP. is an innovative leader in the avionics industry, providing interface hardware, software, tools, and support for embedded, test and simulation applications. Founded in 1989, BMC COMMUNICATIONS CORP.
has the headquartered in NY.

Customer satisfaction is BMC COMMUNICATIONS CORP's single most important corporate objective. Our commitment to total customer satisfaction, superior product quality and exceptional service has earned BMC a reputation as an exceptional design and manufacturing organization. BMC’s extensive product and service portfolio offers flexible solutions to avionics interfacing challenges. 

BMC COMMUNICATIONS CORP. designs, manufactures, markets and supports high-quality, cost-effective, data communications solutions for avionics. 

BMC products combine multiple protocols with multiple channels on a single board.

All BMC avionic protocols are available as IPs for most FPGA manufactures and  FPGA families.

BMC COMMUNICATIONS CORP. boasts a proud history of developing quality-engineered products that meet the rigorous requirements of the commercial and military avionic sectors. From your very first contact with our professional and energetic staff, it will be clear that BMC COMMUNICATIONS CORP. is a unique organization.

BMC supports a variety of avionic protocols:

1- ARINC 2-wire protocols like ARINC 419, ARINC 429, ARINC 572, ARINC 575, ARINC 582 & ARINC 615,  etc

2- ARINC 6-wire protocols like ARINC 561, ARINC 571 

3- ARINC 453 and ARINC 708

4- ARINC 717

5- RS232 and RS422

6- MIL-STD-1553 with all its variations.


BMC boards combine multiple protocols on a single board called UADI; Universal Avionic Digital Interface. BMC develops the conversion   software according to customer requirements.

All protocols are available as IP for FPGA.

Our product portfolio includes test, simulation and production interfaces for Commercial and Military avionic databases. These products support a variety of computer platforms including ESA, PCI, cPCI, PMC, PC104, VME, standard and customized buses. 

BMC certify its products including IPs for commercial and/or military application.

BMC has a variety of repeaters/splitters for MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 453/708 with bus analyzer output option.

                                  TELF: 631-256-5903  X 30

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