Universal Avionics Design Interface

ARINC 573/717

Ì  Transmit /Receive Modes

  • Software Programmable  -:
    • Baud Rate – 64,128,256, 512
    • Error injection
    • Receive Double Buffer
    • Single/loop Messaging Mode
    • All software programmable


ARINC  717 + RS232  

Ì Test and Simulation Features

  • On-board Built-In-Test
  • Adv. interrupts and triggers
  • Support all ARINC 2 wires protocols.
  • Commercial and Industrial Grade


Ì  Transmit Mode

  • Software Programmable  -:
    • Baud Rate – up to 1 Mbit
    • RS232 – up to 125 KHz
    • Parity Odd/Even/NO Parity     
  • Loop Messaging Mode
  • Single-shot messaging mode
  • Programmable inter-message time delays


Ì Receive Mode

  • Software Programmable Interrupt Conditions
    • Single message
    •  Half buffer message
    •  Full Buffers messages
  • Baud Rate up to 1 Mbit.
  • Loop Test


Ì   Bus Monitor Mode

  • Software Programmable Interrupt Conditions
    • Single message
    •  Half buffer message
    •  Full Buffers messages
  • TIme tag
  • Multiple messages buffer


Single Board Computer - SBS
Avionics   Interface




BMC Communications Corp. is pleased to introduce the first of its kind, the Universal Avionics Digital Interface (UADI), a plug-and-run device. The device uses a powerful 16-bit RISC low-power microcontroller, which allows firmware programming in the field through a computer.


The UADI supports a wide variety of communication protocols: MIL-STD-1553 dual redundant interface, ARINC 708/453, up to TWO ARINC two-wire PROTOCOLS such as 429/575/572/ 582/615/etc, and up to TWO RS-232 and ONE ARINC 573/717. The device also includes 8 analog inputs with 12-bit resolution8 general I/O with upgradeable capabilities.


The 1553 operates from a single 5-20 Volt supply. A variety of the SBC includes a voltage converter from input voltage from 18-36Volts.

A variety of applications like error injection-detection, sub-address selection, Major/Minor cycle frame, long loop test, etc can be easily implemented using BMC libraries. The unit operates as BC, RT or BM.

The SBC-UADI is an extremely low power device, conduction-cooled with RF protection. A DC/DC DC power converter with  voltage input range from 18 V to 36 V and it small size  make it  a perfect solution for  avionic applications.

Board  is available in Commercial or Industrial ruggedized extended temperature grades.

     Conduction-cooled with RF protection.



†  3” x 4”



†  Low Power 16 bit RISC processor



† Operating temperature range: 0°C to +70°C

† Available Extended Temperature -40°C to +85°C



† Up to 95%


Software Support

†  Extensive API library provided


1553 Connections

† Direct or transformer coupling




 Power (1553- 50% duty cycle)

†  Stand-by Current less than 20 Ma

†  Arinc +12V & -12V – 50 Ma

†  5V – 1553 – 50% duty cycle <350mA


Warranty: programs up to 3 years hardware warranty

                                  TELF: 631-256-5903  X 30




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