PCI - CRAM-1553 RS232


1553 Description

Ì Test and Simulation Features

  • On-board Built-In-Test
  • Transformer & direct coupling
  • BC & RT error injection/detection
  • Adv. interrupts and triggers
  • 32K of Dual Port Memory
  • Support F-16, F-18, B-52, and A-10. 1553 Notice I & II
  • Commercial and Industrial Grade


Ì Bus Controller - BC

  • BC->RT, RT->BC, RT->RT
  • Mode Codes, Broadcast
  • Five different transmission modes: Single-shot, repeat,  loop , cycle and multiple messaging mode
  • Programmable inter-message time delays
  • Response Gap measurement
  • Major/Minor frames
  • Software Programmable
  • Time-out response time
  • Enable/Disable Interrupt Conditions
  • Broadcast Enable/Disable (Notice I)
  • Status error Bit
  • Aperiodic messaging methods
  • Built-in Transmit/Receive Test


Ì Remote Terminal - RT

  • Up to 300 RT message buffers
  • Software Programmable Interrupt Conditions
  • Single, Half or Full number of message Buffers
  • Programmable response time Class A/B
  • Sub-Address software programmable filter.
  • Long Loop Test Enable/Disable


Ì Bus Monitor - BM

  • Error detection
  • Multiple monitoring methods
  • 32-bit time-tagging


    RS232 Description – 2T2R

    Transmission Mode

    † “One shot” mode (Normal mode)

    † “Loop” mode † Programmable transmit buffer size

    † Modify messages, data or setup while card is running

    † Selectable interrupt generation

    Receive Mode

    † 2 independent  Receivers.

    † Programmable message content

    † Programmable receive buffer size

    † Programmable Interrupts condition

    Bus Monitor

    † Programmable receive buffer size

    † Multiple message buffers

    † 32-bit, resolution time tagging


                                      TELF: 631-256-5903  X 30

BMC's PCI-CRAM-MRT-1553 provides new levels ofperformance and flexibility for MILSTD1553A/B Notice II for PCI form factors. Available in commercial and ruggedized versions, the


includes an API (Application

Programming Interface) software that reduces application development time.


Standard features include 32 Kbyte of RAM, 32-bit message time-tagging, triggers, extensive BC & RT link-list structures, error injection/detection, automatic/manual RT Status Bit, Mode Code responses, advanced BC functionality, on-board Built-in-Test Bus, transformer & direct coupling, hardwired RT address. With the highest speed encoder/decoder in the industry, the PCI-CRAM-1553 Bus Monitor provides unparalleled error detection and monitoring of fully loaded buses.


Multi-function Interfaces

PCI-CRAM-MRT-1553 multi-function interfaces are easily software configured to operate with simultaneous Bus Controller, 8 Remote Terminals and Bus Monitor functionality.


Single-function Interfaces

Single-function PCI-CRAM-MRT-1553 interfaces have all the features and functionality of the multi-function versions, but with only one operational mode enabled at a time. Each interface can emulate either a Bus Controller or 7 Remote Terminals or Bus Monitor.



The 1553 API is provided in source code, along with integrated support for Windows XP, 2000, Me, NT, 98, 95, Visual Basic and other operating systems.



† 3/4 length desktop PCI card (8.4" x 4.2")



† Operating temperature range: 0°C to +70°C

† Available Extended Temperature -40°C to +85°C



† Up to 95%


Software Support

† API - Includes high-level API libraries for Windows XP, 2000, Me, NT, 98, 95, Visual Basic

† Source code API library provided


On-board Shared RAM

† 32 Kbyte (per dual-redundant channel)



† Direct or transformer coupling


Operational Modes

† BC, BM, single RT, or up to 15 RTs, Concurrent Modes BC-RT, BC-BM, RT-BM


Single Power (50% duty cycle)

† +5 VDC: 0.5 A


PCI Signal Compatibility

† 5V Signaling


Warranty: programs up to 3 years hardware warranty




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