SBC with 2 Remote Terminal

  2x RS 232
8 TTL I/O Port


MIL-STD-1553 Dual Redundant Channels

Simulation up to 2 RTs

Up to 2  RS232 Channels


Ì 1553-Test and Simulation Features

§  On-board Built-In-Test

§  Transformer & direct coupling

§ RT error injection/detection

§  Support F-16, F-18, B-52, and A-10. 1553 Notice I & II

§  Commercial and Industrial Grade

Ì 1553-TWO REMOTE Terminal 

§  Software programmable RT Addresses

§  Sub-Address programmable filter. 


§  Software programmable 8 I/O TTL ports

§  Sub-Address p


Ì Test and Simulation Features

§  On-board Built-In-Test

§  Adv. interrupts and triggers

§  RS232 – up to 125 KHz

Ì  Transmit Mode

§  Software Programmable  -:

§  Parity Odd/Even/NO Parity

§  Single-shot& Loop messaging mode

§  Programmable inter-message gap

Ì Receive Mode

§  Software Programmable Interrupt

§  Single/half/Full buffer message

§   Multiple store messages 



†BOARD  3" x 4"



†  Low Power 16 bit RISC processor



† Operating temperature range: 0°C to +70°C

† Available Extended Temperature -40°C to +85°C



† Up to 95%


Software Support

†  Source code API library provided


1553 Connections

† Direct or transformer coupling


1553 Operational Modes


 Power (1553- 50% duty cycle)

†  Stand-by Current less than 20 Ma

†  5V – 1553 – 50% duty cycle <350mA

Warranty: 1 year
                   programs up to 3
years hardware warranty

                                  TELF: 631-256-5903  X 30

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BMC's SBC-2RT is a software oriented board which provides new levels of performance and flexibility for multiple avionics communications  system. Available in commercial and ruggedized versions, includes an API (Application Programming Interface) software library that reduces application development time.
The board due to its unique feature of TWO RTs capability and  connected through RS232 can simulate two different units.
The user can developed the communication protocol between the SBC and the Host using the BMC API library. 



The SBC-UADI interfaces have all Remote Terminal features and functionality  

 Remote Terminal

† Programmable error injection

†  Programmable Sub-Address selection

Multi-function  RS232

The SBC-2RT is easily software programmable to supports maximum data throughput on all channels simultaneously, operates with independent receivers and transmitters.

Transmission Mode

† Up to 2 independent  transmitters.


Receive Mode

† Up to 2 independent  Receivers.

† Programmable message content

†Programmable receive buffer size


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